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Tips and Tricks For Scuba Divers

803, 2024

I hate when that happens… (uggggghhhh)

By |March 8, 2024|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

Let me tell you a story about something that happened to one of our SCUBA fam. Maybe it will be familiar… Lucy went for a dive in the Florida Keys last week. After signing the waivers, she brought all her gear to the boat and got set up on her tank. [...]

406, 2022

8 Violations That Put You at Risk

By |June 4, 2022|Categories: scuba classes, training|0 Comments

When I was 12 years old, a bunch of kids from my school went on a ski trip and I was invited to go along. I was a middle-class city kid, and hadn't done much to any skiing. After the second day of doing the bunny hills, my friends talked me into [...]

1105, 2021

5 Reasons Why We Choose SDI

By |May 11, 2021|Categories: scuba classes|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Affiliating with an agency is an active choice by a dive center. It's one that every dive center makes every year.  There are 28 Scuba Diving Agencies that belong to the World Recreational SCUBA Training Council (the organization that sets the minimum standards for recreational SCUBA Diving). Most people only know [...]

407, 2020

The 5 Best Scuba Diving Trips Post-Quarantine 

By |July 4, 2020|Categories: Trips|0 Comments

As we get closer to that day of international borders opening up, and planning our future scuba diving trips inches towards reality, it’s time to take a look at the five best destinations for your dive vacation (as soon as quarantine ends). Scuba Diving Trips For All Levels of Divers! 1. Bonaire [...]

706, 2020

Owning vs. Renting Your Scuba Gear

By |June 7, 2020|Categories: dive gear|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

A common question heard by dive professionals is, “What scuba gear do I need to buy?” The world has changed a lot in the last twenty years with more people being more eco-conscious about their purchases. As a result, new generations of divers might value experience over material possessions and the idea [...]

2605, 2020

Using Dive Computers

By |May 26, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , |0 Comments

So you want to know a little more about dive computers. No problem! This is an article for brand new scuba divers who are in the process of getting their scuba certification, or divers who have never used one before about how to use personal dive computers (PDCs) underwater. [...]

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