As we get closer to that day of international borders opening up, and planning our future scuba diving trips inches towards reality, it’s time to take a look at the five best destinations for your dive vacation (as soon as quarantine ends).

Scuba Diving Trips For All Levels of Divers!

1. Bonaire

Difficulty: Easy

Bonaire is located in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, but it is a Dutch Island. The weather is consistently 80 degrees, which allows for warm water temperatures throughout the year. Some divers affectionately refer to Bonaire as a “swimming pool full of fish”. The entire island was turned into a marine preserve and for decades scuba divers have been trekking there to indulge in the lush reefs and easy conditions. There is virtually no current and 70-100 feet of visibility, which makes it the perfect place for novice divers or for divers seeking to refresh their skills.

There are also opportunities for advanced divers to take new classes, or descend down to deeper depths. The hidden dive site, La Dania’s Leap, provides a unique opportunity to do a giant stride off an 8-foot cliff into the beautiful Bonaire water prior to swimming down to the next dive site for exit.

2. Cozumel

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Cozumel is located off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Underwater, it belongs to the Meso-American reef system, the second largest in the world. Cozumel is famous for its drift diving and for its epic swim-throughs, which look as picturesque as the landscapes of the Lord of the Rings films! Every dive in Cozumel has a current that guides divers along the reef. At first, the drift can take newer divers aback, but if accompanied by a certified scuba instructor who teaches the valuable tips of drift diving, you may not want to go back. The swim-throughs are not mandatory, and divers can easily follow the bubbles from the group above in the event of feeling uncomfortable when entering an overhead environment.

There are more advanced sites, like Colombia Reef, The Devil’s Throat, and Cathedral, which are located closer to Punta Sur that require more advanced training. There are shipwrecks as well, making Cozumel a perfect spot for any diver looking for an extraordinary scuba diving trip and getaway!

3. Palau

Difficulty: Medium

Palau is an archipelago of over 500 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Its exuberant reefs and eye-popping biodiversity make this an incredibly popular diving destination for divers looking to venture out on a liveaboard experience. Divers can expect to do four dives a day and see the true beauty of the Pacific Ocean in Micronesia. Along with a rich history of World War II shipwrecks and the natural wonder of Jellyfish Lake, it’s plain to see how Palau is considered a scuba diving trip on many bucket lists. Be sure to bring a camera!

Due to the nature of the location, experiencing this trip on a liveaboard boat is the only way to truly make the most of the destination. The abundance of dive sites means your adventure is best serviced from the boat, as opposed to lodging in a hotel. The Palau scuba diving trips are primarily for scuba diving since there isn’t much else to do (aside from relaxing on the boat with a cold beverage after a long day of dives!)

4. Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Difficulty: Advanced

Tiger Beach is 30 miles off the coast of the Bahamas, which is a long journey for boats to travel each day. The Tiger Beach scuba diving vacation can be either land-based or on a liveaboard. The diving in Tiger Beach may not necessarily be too challenging, but all divers should be aware that the highlight of this trip is the dive into waters alongside an Apex Predator. A total of six species of shark swim around Tiger Beach: 

  • Tiger Sharks (for which the location is named) 
  • Great Hammerheads 
  • Bull Sharks 
  • Lemon Sharks 
  • Nurse Sharks
  • Caribbean Reef Shark 

For shark-lovers and true adventurers, this is the dive trip for you! For divers with their own gear and a high level of comfort in the water, this has the makings to be the best trip of your life. 

5. The Galapagos Islands

Difficulty: Advanced

There’s a saying where if you need to ask what you’re going to see in the Galapagos Islands, then you might not be ready. Behold the schools of hundreds of hammerhead sharks, marine iguanas, sea lions, whale sharks, and many, many more. The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the greatest diving destinations in the world. Divers make a point to visit at least once in their lifetime. This is, for lack of a batter explanation, the ultimate scuba diving trip.

The Galapagos’ extreme biodiversity comes from a melding of three massive oceanic currents, which can drop the temperature of the water, as well as make entrances and exits from the water a bit tricky. It is recommended that divers have a great deal of experience prior to going to the Galapagos. Additionally, depending on the time of year, divers may want to invest in a dry suit to keep warm.

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